Jumpplanner updated for Phoebe patch, please see the changelog for the full list.
Jump distances have been decreased by a lot, be sure to train Jump Drive Calibation to level 5 for maximum effectiveness.

If you have any questions or issues with my tools you can send me an e-mail at elissen@eve-icsc.com.

Jumpplanner 2.4.7

Jump Drive Calibration:
Jump Fuel Conservation:
Jump Freighters:
Only pass by stations:
Waypoints: add waypoint

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Preferences are an optional feature that allows you to save your skills and shiptype.

Jumpplanner v2.4.7, © 2005 - 2014 by Elissen.
Please read the changelog. If you run into problems contact me.
Altough a lot of time is put in to make this as reliable as possible there always remains a chance that you run into some sort of error; use at your own risk.
Read about the jumptools or are you interested in beta testing upcoming versions.

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