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v 2.4.7 - November 6, 2014
  • Reduced ship jump distances to confirm with Phoebe patch
  • The jump drive calibration skill effectiveness has been decreased from 25% to 20% per level
v 2.4.6 - September 25, 2014
  • Accidently broke something badly with the last update with the jump distance for certain ships

v. 2.4.5 - September 23, 2014
  • Updated fuel consumption
  • Removed ESM since site is no longer working
  • Removed alliance logos for the time, they were not working
  • Updated size of isotopes for correct volume of fuel
  • Fixed CCP API reader for jump and kill stats
  • Added Revenant

v. 2.4.4 - April 9, 2013
  • Range of Black Ops increased

v. 2.4.3 - Januari 21, 2010
  • Patchday! Renamed motherships to supercarriers and increased their jumprange to 5 ly
v. 2.4.2 - April 18, 2009
  • The Black Ops base jump fuel cost has been decreased from 400 to 300 units per light year.
v. 2.4.1 - December 17, 2008
  • The alternatives list is now correctly displaying sovereignty (only system though, no constellation). Thanks to Morphed for reporting the issue!
v. 2.4 - October 18, 2008
  • Display last update from CCP's API
  • Use outpost and sovereignty data from CCP's API instead of the data from EVE-Maps. Some data is still used from EVE-Maps since the API does not export everything.
  • Display both solarsystem sovereignty as well as constellation sovereignty.
  • Show 'unknown' instead of planet 0 if the exact location for a outpost is not known.
  • Now displaying alliance tickers for sovereignty and outpost/conquerable station ownership
  • Now displaying full corporation name and station name (as given by the owners ingane) for outpost/conquerable stations
  • Fixed a small display bug for webbrowsers based on WebKit
  • Fixed a database connection issue that sometimes caused AJAX-requests to fail in certain browsers (yes, this sounds crazy, I know...)
  • Added additional information on a system (# gatejumps in the last hour and yesterday; # ship- pod- and faction kills in a system, in the last hour and total yesterday)
v. 2.3.4 - May 20, 2008 v. 2.3.3 - May 15, 2008
  • Fixed a bug with high sec systems as the starting point for your route.
  • Trashed aprox 100K routes from the cache so the system does not dig up incorrect results from the cache
v. 2.3.2 - March 16, 2008:
  • Changed the Jump Freighter skill to 10% fuel usage reduction (Trinity 1.1 patch)
v. 2.3.1 - Februari 27, 2008:
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the level 1 cache reader that caused routes to be completely messed up. With thanks to Borgholio for providing an excellent test case!
  • Fixed a small bug with detection of high sec systems.
  • Fixed a small bug where the autocompletion did not show high sec systems if you did not manually select a ship.
v. 2.3 - Februari 23 2008:
  • Shipclasses are now placed in groups (thanks for the suggestion Candle in #eve-dev)
  • It is now possible to jump from high-sec systems using Jump Freighters and Black Ops
v. 2.2 - December 2, 2007:
  • Fixed XML reader for EVE-Maps XML feed.
  • Tweaked level 1 cache settings to reduce memory usage
  • Added support for Jump Freighters and Black Ops
  • Changed "Ship Class" to a list of ships. This is because each Jump Freighter uses a different amount of fuel per lightyear. Old links to a route will now map to the Amarr version of the previous class.
  • Added support for the Jump Freighter skill. This skill does nothing unless you select one of the Jump Freighters as ship
  • Tiny correction for fuel usage calculation
v. 2.1 - Oktober 27, 2007:
  • The Jumpplanner now generates a more accurate route (less jumps and/or distance). This made the Jumpplanner conciderably slower, but that is compared to the old version. It is still quite fast.
  • Internal cache optimalizations to keep the server load under control...
  • Added the Rorqual as a seperate ship for clarity. They have the same distance as dreads though
v. 2.0 - May 28, 2007:
  • Option to plan for systems with stations only. Waypoints and final destinations can be systems without stations.
  • Nice drop-down lists when typing system names!
    Hint: You can use the page-up and page-down keys to go to the previous/next pages.
  • Preferences; when you are logged in on the site (register on the forum if needed), you can set default values for the shiptype, calibration skill and fuel skill
  • The Jumpplanner now passes on the current settings for shiptypes and Jumpdrive Calibration to the jumprange tool
  • You now have the option to add and delete waypoints from the results
  • The startsystem is now listed as "jump 0"
  • More accurate distance calculation, the jumpplanner will no longer give you a route that is not possible.
    Thanks go out to Chris MacKenzie for reporting the problem with enough detail to investigate this issue and to CCP for providing the needed information.
  • Alternatives for a jump; click on preview for a list.
    Also, in the result you can click on the columns headers to sort the table.
  • Conquerable station, Outpost en Sovereignty information is updated twice a day from EVE Maps.
    When using the ingame browser you can click on the alliance and faction logo to get the show info window.
v. 1.0.7 - January 22, 2007:
  • Loaded CCP data export in a central database and updated the jumpplanner to use this database.
  • Fixed some compatibility issues with UTF-8 databases and PHP 5.
v. 1.0.6 - October 10, 2006:
  • Aparently the base jumpdistance for titans is now 3.5 lightyears. I have no idea when this changed, my numbers were based on the initial RMR patch and I never noticed something in the patchnotes. Until recently it didn't really matter since there were no titans ingame, but there is/are now!
v. 1.0.5 - Juli 8, 2006:
  • Added ingame info-links (looks like this) to each jump
  • Change in behaviour: the system now also looks if the reverse route is shorter and if so it uses that.
v. 1.0.4 - May 20, 2006:
  • Added waypoints
  • Removed high-sec systems all together (to save some on memory). If you do still have a dreadnought in high-sec, use the Jumprange tool to find the nearest 0.4 or lower system and use the jumpplanner from there.
  • Change in behaviour: the return trip is now always the same as you got there. Because of this it is possible that your first jump is rather short (instead of the possibility that the last jump is short).
  • Changed the links at the bottom a bit (renamed one and added one)
  • When less then 100 systems are shown on the map, all system names are shown
  • As always, links to existing routes are backwards copatible
v. 1.0.3 - December 18, 2005:
  • Fixed a nasty bug in the optimalization code that caused the system not to find a route (took too long to calculate) while the trip is possible. Trying the trip in reverse order did sometimes find a route. This only happpened close to the border of the map.
    Thanks to Soul Redemption for reporting the problem!
v. 1.0.2 - December 15, 2005 - Red Moon Rising Edition:
  • Changed max security system you can jump to to 0.4 as in patchnotes (filtered on 0.45)
  • Made option to select shipclass. It defaults to dreadnoughts. Ranges:
    • Titan: 3 ly
    • Mothership: 4 ly
    • Dreadnought: 5 ly
    • Carrier: 6.5 ly
  • Reworked optimalization to counter with the increased jumpdistance
  • Added a 'change route' link at the bottom so you can edit the route
v. 1.0.1 - November 29, 2005:
  • Small internal fixes and improvements. Doesn't change planner behaviour.
  • After reading several rumours about dreadnoughts being able to jump into certain 0.4 systems I decided to try it out. Unfortunately I don't have a dreadnought on Tranquillity so I tried on Singularity.
    Security status of systems is not 0.3 or 0.4, they often are much more precise. Let's take Chardalane for this example. Chardalane shows ingame as 0.4 while it is actually 0.372552 and that rounds to 0.4. I successfully jumped from pf-346 to Chardalane. The jumpplanner filtered on 0.35; from now on it will filter on 0.4 (or 0.4000 if you like). This effects 134 solarsystems.
v. 1.0.0 - October 18, 2005:
  • Initial release. Thanks to the ICSC guys for beta testing!

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