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News / Re: Crossing the universe
« Last post by Elissen on October 18, 2005, 08:48:16 am »
fixed  :-[
News / Re: Crossing the universe
« Last post by Trak Cranker on October 18, 2005, 08:34:54 am »
"They have the rely o" - have to, I presume.

"e that can take them to a sysem in their range" - t missing in system.
News / Crossing the universe
« Last post by Elissen on October 18, 2005, 07:52:19 am »
We are now firmly into the age of capital ships. On the outskirts of empire space and deep into 0.0, dreadnoughts can be seen in action. They are a very impressive sight and to be feared in the hands of a skilled pilot. Some of us even had a vision from the future, there are even bigger ships coming to us, Carriers and Titans.

The question however is not where to go, but how to go there. As we all know dreadnoughts can not use the stargates. They have to rely on the Jump Drive that can take them to a system in their range. But if you want to move around the universe you had to do a lot of planning. We already had the Jumprange tool to help you plan your route. This tool got upgraded with a map.

This is not the reason for this news item, we wish to present our brand new Jumpplanner tool. Just select your skill levels, where you are and where you want to go. You'll get a complete travelmap with where to jump and how much fuel to will need.

Are you about to buy a dreadnaught and wonder how to move it out of the delivery location? No problem.
Or you are very advanturous and wish to cross the universe, from OE-4HB (Tenal) to MVUO-F (Period Basis).
Or is your Jumpdrive Calibration skill high enough to pass a low security corridor though empire?

We wish you a devastating journey!


Interstellar Capital Systems Consortium

If you get the message "The route your trying to plan is taking too long to calculate." or "Previous search did not find a route" that probaly means it is impossible or not feasable to make that journey with your skills. For example, your planning a route from Maut (placid) to Pure Blind. When you get that message the system has given up on planning a route while it probaly was somewhere in fountain. Fountain? Yes, you need Jumpdrive Calibration 2 to jump from Cloud Ring to Pure Blind. So it tries to plan around civ space and that just takes too long and would put too much strain on the server. It might be possible, but do you want to make 50+ jumps to get there? Probaly not.

If you get the message "This route is not possible" that means it is *impossible*. You cannot jump out of Yulai with at least Jumpdrive Calibration 1.

If you have any questions ask here, send me a message or ask in person at the other side of that temporary wormhole that leads to Iceland in a couple of days.
News / Capital - As large as it gets
« Last post by Jubeli on October 09, 2005, 05:59:38 pm »
Interstellar Capital Systems Consortium
News release

As large as it gets

We now know that Capital ships indeed are reality. Every day we see freighters shipping goods when we pass through empire space. Traders and POS owners are thriving, with the capability to make one trip that in the past could take 30 or even 40 trips. Dreadnoughts have showed their worth in battle, shredding enemy POS’s to pieces. We’ve also seen that these huge war machines are far from invincible, and that they can indeed be taken out with some effort. Even when we thought we had seen and heard it all, we found evidence of a dreadnought that has been mining in empire space: this proves that it can be the ultimate toy for an industrial pod-pilot, even as some scream “Heresy!” as loudly as an Amarrian would if someone would claim their God to be a lie.

Many were insecure about the real value of the capital ships when they finally went from drawing board to production, and saw the cost of these giants. Today, you must have one to be successful as a major player in trade or POS industrial operations, unless you want to work yourself to death. Each day we see new freighter owners. The number of inquiries increases, hinting that there is indeed a market out there; prospective owners need only understand that capital ships only come after serious investments in capital.

Our I(ncredible) C(ustomer) S(ervice) C(orporation) business is uniquely focused on customer service. If we can do it, we will try to make the customer happy. Dreadnoughts are built in fringe empire sites chosen by the customer; freighters can be delivered to the customer’s empire doorstep. Our strength is delivery speed. The customers only need to know what they want and have the economic means to pay for it, be it pure isk or in combination with minerals/components. The BYOM deal is a good option for the corporation or pilot that doesn’t have 1 Billion isk or more waiting to be spent.

The first complete cycle of ICSC capital ship construction has concluded. ICSC now has now managed to internally produce at least one of each of the 8 types of capital ships, including each capital ship module and weapon. We build from our own BPo's. Our package deals for a dreadnought plus modules at discount prices have been more than interesting to many of our customers, to the point of being the rule rather than the exception. Future dreadnought packages will have an option for fuel and ammo. ICSC is also planning on trying to maintain a small stock of the most popular freighters as a benefit to our customers who "need it now".

Remember that Kali will soon be upon us. The Black One representing disease, death and destruction. Then cold war will not be an issue any longer, everything is bound to turn. The new era is all about “eat or be eaten”. Today, you should already be asking yourself if you want to be the hunter or the prey? Rest assured, your neighbors have been asking themselves the same thing, and have come up with the whole range of possible answers. I wouldn’t want to be in the “prey” category, and if I wanted to protect myself from capital ships, I would seriously look into procuring capital ships today.

For more information about pricing, contact details and products please visit our website:
We also offer the service of an in-game jumptool
News / Interstellar Capital System Consortium (ICSC) is open for business
« Last post by Elissen on August 27, 2005, 07:58:00 pm »
Greetings all,

Since the engineering breakthrough in Capital Ship construction, bringing us freighter and dreadnoughts a few weeks back, the universe has been waiting for the wave of supplies to rush over and fill the market’s needs. We are all now entering a new era in regards of conducting business and waging wars. It is upon us; either we follow or we fall, already can we see the ripple effects of these magnificent constructions.

With the dawn of the breakthrough many ventures rushed into acquiring the blueprints for capital ship construction components as well as the blueprints that will result in a complete ship, ready to use. So did also the ICSC.

The Interstellar Capital System Consortium (ICSC) is a joint venture between a number of corporations and independent businessmen (and women) with the goal of become the leading supplier of capital ships. Together, ICSC pool our resources; each and every member has the responsibility of meeting production demand and deadlines in a large logistic chain. The end result of that chain is the construction and completion of freighters and dreadnoughts. Internally there is much diversity when it comes to allegiances, political views and other backgrounds – differences in experience, tactics, production, knowledge, marketing, coordination, universal geography and logistics that only make us stronger as a group while providing a broader field of expertise. ICSC is a neutral entity and a producer of capital ships; therefore we will sell to anyone with the need or desire, plus the financial assets, to acquire a Capital Ship.

ICSC can produce the full range of Dreadnought classed ships. We are offering to build dreadnoughts at our customers’ chosen site and with the customers’ minerals.  The Gallente Dreadnaught “Moros” is our first, ready for any buyer to claim. The Naglfar and Revelation engineers are ready to begin construction, while the Phoenix scientists fine-tune their blueprint; within three weeks the Phoenix will finish its improvements and complete the full range of ICSC Dreadnaught options.

ICSC also constructs freighters in the Sing Laison region, with three Obelisk blueprints leading the way, complemented by the Charon and the Fenrir. This enables ICSC to produce over twelve freighters per month. The Providence blueprint is the last in line to be procured, at which point ICSC will have the internal capabilities to produce any known Capital Ship design.

As a service to our customers and colleagues, we have made publicly available to you the ICSC jump drive calculator; enter your current or any known solar system and it will display all available systems within jump range. (also works when you are in flight)

The only way to make the universe smaller is to make bigger ships that fill out the void.

We are open for business.
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