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News / Jumpplanner 3rd anniversary: giveaway
« Last post by Elissen on October 18, 2008, 01:22:02 pm »
“Really now, how difficult could it be?”

Oh wow, has it been 3 years already? No, it can’t be. Hmm, October 18th, 2005… Jeez, I guess it has. Amazing really.

Where did it all start? Ah yes, dreadnoughts. Back then they came pre-nerfed and their jumprange was 2.5 lightyears. Luckily they doubled that in a later patch. I remember seeing my first dreadnought, it was a Naglfar. My buddy Trak Cranker was flying it, playing with it before delivering it to a customer. I was flying next to it in my Malediction. Those guns were bigger than my whole ship!

3 years ago, a lot has changed since that time. Capitals were rare. Whenever we were delivering we would have a crowd wanting to see a glimpse of the huge ships. Not any more, capitals are used more than ever. And it shows. From a hundred visitors per day to right now where my server pushes out 4,500+ routes per day.

Rest assured, the Jumpplanner is here to stay and free to use!

In celebration of the Jumpplanner’s 3rd anniversary the site has been given an overhaul and ICSC is organizing a giveaway sponsored by CCP. And the best part is that you only need to be logged in on this website to participate! Anybody who is logged in or registers (and activates) a new account between October 18th, 2008 and November 1st, 2008 automatically participates in the giveaway.

So what are you waiting for? Login now or register a new account and enter for your chance to win one of the following items:

First prize:
1x EVE: The Empyrean Age novel - trade paperback
2 Months of game time.

Second prize:
1x T-shirt, winners choice (example)
1 Month of game time.

Third prize:
1x Mouse mat, winners choice (example)
1 Month of game time.

Fly safe! Regards,

Weeks of programming can save you hours of planning.

Terms and conditions:
  • ICSC members are excluded from this giveaway
  • CCP employees and employees of their partners are excluded from this giveaway
  • All accounts that have been marked as online or that are newly registered and activated between October 18th, 2008 and November 1st, 2008 automatically participate in the giveaway
  • Winners will be contacted by CCP using e-mail. Make sure your profile contains your current e-mail address.
  • Winners have to respond to the e-mail from CCP within 3 days from the day they are send or they lose their position. The next person on the list will be contacted for his/her prize. ICSC or CCP cannot be held responsible for lost or delayed e-mail.
  • Items will be send from the United States of America, any additional fees, tax customs, etc are the resposibility of the winner, not CCP or ICSC.
  • A list of winners will be produced by ICSC*** and given to CCP. ICSC and CCP will not publish this list.

Policy for EVE Online game time awards:
  • Game time may be applied to a single existing account in good standing or used to create a single new account for EVE Online. (Game time may not be divided among two or more accounts.)
  • The account receiving the game time is subject to the same terms and conditions as any other EVE Online account (i.e. EULA, Terms of Service, etc.) and may not be sold or transferred.
  • If user’s actions warrant disciplinary action, including temporary or permanent banning of the account, remaining game time is forfeited.

*** Elissen will execute a query on the database to produce a randomized list of potential winners.

News / Black ops & Jump Freighters and a general site update
« Last post by Elissen on December 05, 2007, 09:41:36 pm »
While CCP is busy patching, I updated the main database with the brand new Trinity data export and DX9 images! Thanks to Garthagk for having to data dump done before the patch!
The Jumpplanner has been updated to support Black Ops and Jump Freighters. The biggest change is a dropdown list of all ships instead of selecting a class; this is needed because each Jump Freighter uses a different amount of fuel per lightyear.

And now some eye candy, the official icons at 256 x 256 px.


For more be sure to check out our product catalog at
News / Less jumps: introducing Jumpplanner v2.1
« Last post by Elissen on October 28, 2007, 01:39:55 pm »
Since we're less then a week away from the FanFest, I figured it would be a nice time to put the new Jumpplanner online [:D]. So what´s new? Well, a few people complained that the Jumpplanner did not always give back the shortest route; sometimes you would use a tad more fuel, but every blue monday you even had more jumps. Well, no longer. With v2.1 the Jumpplanner's algorithm has been tweaked to shave off those last lightyears and safe you on your isotopes [8)].
The Rorqual has also been added as a seperate option for clarity.

So you might wonder what is up next? I am currently working on a supporting project, something that the Jumpplanner will also use. If you are a webmaster or 3rd party tool developer, keep your eyes open for an announcement. Or get a hold of me at the FanFest.
After that, it will be support for jumpbridges, cynojammer & cynogens. And of course what ever CCP adds in Revelations III comes probaly first!

If you are a Capital Pilot and do not know what the Jumpplanner is all about? Or if you are simply interested in the history of the Jumpplanner, read About the Jumptools or watch EVE TV report about the Jumpplanner (starts at 5:32).
News / Rorqual now for sale!!
« Last post by Master Craftsman on October 14, 2007, 01:56:55 pm »
ICSC is proud to announce the introduction of the Rorqual to our production lines.  If you would like to purchase one then please contact Master Craftsman or one of the other sales managers listed on the MOTD of our ingame sales channel ICSC.

News / Carrier Extravaganza – Why waste your isk on overpriced ships?
« Last post by Jubeli on March 23, 2006, 02:24:59 pm »
In years past, the mass of ships in a fleet was a critical factor, often determining the outcome of a battle.  The advent of combat-class capital ships have provided some challenges to this common “numbers game”, where the tide of a battle (and the morale of the enemy fleet) can shift with the sudden appearance of a single cynosaural field beacon.  No longer do simple numbers determine the outcome of engagements with the enemy; BRUTE FIREPOWER on target, experience, coordination, and survivability play an ever-increasing role.  Combat-class capital ships, in the hands of skilled pilots, are delivering this brute firepower in some of the battles that shape the politics, sovereignty and economy in New Eden.  Combat-class capital ships continue to be a “must have” for those that wish to stay on top of the food chain, and enforce their will on others.

Interstellar Capital Systems Consortium
News release

Carrier Extravaganza – Why waste your isk on overpriced ships?
ICSC Price changes and T2 shop opening

Several months ago ICSC took the lead and “lowered the bar” on Dreadnought pricing, a new price scheme which shook the dreadnought market.  Even though demand for our products have steadily increased, we have held firm on our dreadnought pricing strategy.  Now that the initial rush of purchasing the “latest ships in New Eden" has quieted down, ICSC no longer needs to avoid Carrier re-sellers.  To that end, ICSC has lowered the bar one more time, and now have the same pricing strategy for our carrier class ships.  These low prices will have no effect on our solid delivery schedule or our focus on customer satisfaction and services. 

We will continue to provide reliable, dependable service, customer satisfaction and a capital ship on time, as ICSC has become known for.  The carrier prices were changed over a week ago in our product catalogue (, but this is the first opportunity we have had to bring it to your attention.

ICSC has also procured new module blueprints to be able to supply carrier pilots with all the capital class modules currently released.  Most of these we have in stock in our warehouse, ready for pickup.  Reduced pricing will be given as usual if modules are ordered together with a combat-class capital ship.

As a neutral group, ICSC continuously strives to provide the best service and lead times to all interested customers.  Additional investments in capital ship and component blueprints have reduced most carrier and some dreadnought queues across the board.  Our 200th capital ship is just about to roll out of the factory, with a very rare bottle of “sparkling Quafe” set aside, ready to christen this milestone.  200 capital ships built and delivered in 9 months…  over 6.5 years of factory time, just for the hulls themselves.  Over 19 years of factory time, in the last 9 months, if you include the components needed to assemble these ships.

Through integrity, fair prices and a focus on customer service, we are slowly achieving our goal of bringing more and larger capital ships to all pod pilots and corporations in New Eden.  If you intend to purchase a capital ship from ICSC, please make sure to book your future carrier or dreadnought well in advance of your desired delivery date.  The cost to reserve the slot is minimal, yet we see many ICSC customers come to us too late; they have the required skills, but they end up waiting for the required hull.   Moral of the story: Figure out when you need it, and call us early!

ICSC is also proud to announce that we can also supply a limited range of Tech II products. With the combined efforts of our ICSC member corps we are able to offer a limited range of ships, modules and advanced ammo – Astarte, Nighthawk, Taranis and Nemesis are some of the T2 ships ICSC offers; check the Tech II product catalogue for details.  You may contact any ICSC sales representative to book your order, either via eve-mail of by visiting our FTL channel: ICSC.

"After flying through Cache region using jumpdrives I know what safe travel is all about…"
-Anonymous pod pilot

Warning: Use stargates at your own risk – they have proven to be hazardous to your health.
News / Price of popularity – not everyone is as honest as ICSC
« Last post by Jubeli on February 04, 2006, 03:54:20 pm »
Since man first sighted the stars we dreamed of a life beyond them, it is in our nature to be explorers. Ever since the first battle classed ship came to life it brought dreams to one day see even bigger ships with more firepower rule the battlefield. Now the capital ships are real, the producers have reached yet another goal – before we find our new stars to gaze upon we can harvest the fruit that came with our dreams that have turned into reality. With each reached goal comes popularity and with that comes people who try to undermine and cheat their way to a piece of that cake.

Interstellar Capital Systems Consortium
News release

Price of popularity – not everyone is as honest as ICSC
We are not peaceful miners, we shoot to kill.

ICSC has for a few weeks been the target of scammers. Pod pilots with names such as ICSC Sales and ICSC Personel have come to life for a short period in order to fool potential customers. These pretenders spread lies that they are representatives of ICSC as they try to scam people on the ICSC capital ship deposit. We have in our open channel, ICSC, listed the representatives that are allowed to be recipients of deposits. If you are in discussion with another representatives of ICSC you should still only send the deposit to one listed in the channel. If you send an eve-mail we will confirm that we have received your deposit and can confirm the action. The representatives are: Jubeli, Shard, Garina and AlvynNevins.

For your own security - Do not send your deposit to anyone else!

All scammers are reported to the authorities under accusations of harassment and exploiting the system. We have received notification that appropiate actions will be taken against anyone who tries to impersonate ICSC officials.

ICSC will continue to work as always. We’ve passed on over 100 capital ships to customers already and our factories work day and night to fill pending orders. We knew that with the fame of being the biggest capital ship producer in New Eden these events would come. We will always remain neutral to all factions that have interest in procuring a capital ship. What does the future hold? More blueprints, more ships, bigger ships and most important – more satisfied customers that value honesty, decency and won’t go for less than a capital ship.

"Every day hundreds of pilots lose ships when traveling through the stargate network.."
-DED Officer

Warning: Use stargate at your own risk! The loss of your ship and pod can be imminent.

News / Capital Ship Production, Carriers and Continued Expansion
« Last post by Jubeli on December 31, 2005, 12:34:30 am »
“Huge” is not enough; “Giant” does not do it justice; in truth, the word “Capital” does not adequately describe the effort or scale of logistical operations that is ICSC. For almost 6 months, ICSC has supplied Eve with dreadnoughts and freighters, Eve’s largest vessels, allowing corporations and pilots to enforce their will on those who oppose them, to set policy and lay claim to systems, and to provide the logistical and violent support needed to operate and maintain those claims. For 6 months, these capital ships have been our reality, and now they have grown into a “must have” for any group with serious intentions…

Interstellar Capital Systems Consortium
News release

(Iron) Ring around the Collar
The Dirt under the Glitter of Red Moon Rising: Capital Ship Production, Carriers and Continued Expansion

A new era for capital ship manufacturing has dawned…  across a bleak and rocky landscape….
·   Industrial upgrades of all factories 
·   Concord & DED legislation banning construction of Capital Class Combat ships in patrolled systems 
·   Unveiling new Carrier Class Command and Support ships
These changes have altered the face of capital production. Capital-class manufacturing and logistics are more complex, interesting and demanding than ever before.  Construction limitations have increased; simultaneously the market’s need for capital ships is growing.  Customers demand faster production, on site deliveries and alternative payment schemes including minerals and pre-built components. ICSC has taken several bold steps to maintain our position as the lead producer of Capital Ships in Eve.

ICSC has expanded its internal member base;  this more than doubles our previous production capacity of all capital ships under 5 Billion isk, allowing us to meet the market’s demands for shorter queues and more hulls.  Today, ICSC holds over 20 ship blueprints and close to 60 capital component blueprints. These efforts are designed to deliver “more ships faster”. With these new blueprints the total output for ICSC is over 50 capital ships per month; however our prices have remained low, and most orders can be filled quickly, except the most popular models.

Centralizing logistics and production, ICSC has taken steps to ensure constant production and 50% reduction in the queues for the most popular capital ships.  We have managed to hold a few freighters in stock for instant delivery.  ICSC is also working on production of the new fighter drones as well as building more equipment into stock to meet our customers’ demands.

For those curious about Carrier classed ships, ICSC currently holds two sets of each Carrier blueprint. We have secured enough workforce to start manufacturing as soon as software upgrades reach our factories, enabling the start of Carrier production. The queues have started to fill up on most types of carriers, the sooner a slot is booked the earlier will we be able to fulfill the order.

Our technical department has upgraded our online jump planner tool with data from the new jumpdrives for all ships not using stargates. The jump planner is still usable from the navigational interface while in flight, making it easier for you to plot your course while conquering space.

ICSC Divisional leaders are evaluating future production of motherships and titans.  This is not a question of “if”, but a question of “when”.  Any project of this magnitude will take a serious customer in order to finalize details.  If you are interested or seriously considering the need for one of these ships, feel free to discuss possible options and mutually beneficial arrangements, construction facilities and possible logistical solutions with our contacts.  This magnitude project will take commitment and serious pre-planning; early contact is advised.

Custom Capital Ships over 5 B isk are private discussions, and are held on a ship-by-ship basis.  Please use email, eve-mail or ingame chat to contact somebody for serious, private discussions on Custom Capital Ships.

Drop by our ingame channel (ICSC) for further assistance.

Warning: Stargates and their immediate vicinity can be hazardous to your health.  Don’t use them. ;)
News / No-Haggle Low-Price Dreads and Freighters
« Last post by Shard on November 05, 2005, 08:39:38 am »
Edit: please note that the prices listed on this page are from the day the original press release was send out. For current pricing please check our product pages.

ICSC, the place to shop for your Capital Ship Needs.

Greetings fellow pilots, ICSC is proud to announce our new pricing policy on all capital class ships.  We are pleased to be able to offer the following pricing on orders this week.


Moros    1.847 B
Naglfar    1.916 B
Phoenix    1.850 B
Revelation    1.933 B


Fenrir    1.024 B
Obelisk    997 M
Providence    1.039 B

Charon    968 M – currently in research and unavailable for production

ICSC has served over 40 customers, and we hope to expand on this number.  For those seeking reliable low cost alternative producers, come to the only shop you will need for your capital ship and module requirements. 

Our policies apply, please visit our website for further details.
Eve-Online forums thread

News / Re: Crossing the universe
« Last post by Jubeli on October 18, 2005, 05:33:48 pm »
That tool has to be made by such a genious. Good work !!
News / Re: Crossing the universe
« Last post by Trak Cranker on October 18, 2005, 04:16:31 pm »
... otherwise its cool :)
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