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Title: No-Haggle Low-Price Dreads and Freighters
Post by: Shard on November 05, 2005, 08:39:38 am
Edit: please note that the prices listed on this page are from the day the original press release was send out. For current pricing please check our product pages.

ICSC (, the place to shop for your Capital Ship Needs.

Greetings fellow pilots, ICSC ( is proud to announce our new pricing policy on all capital class ships.  We are pleased to be able to offer the following pricing on orders this week.


Moros    1.847 B  (
Naglfar    1.916 B  (
Phoenix    1.850 B  (
Revelation    1.933 B  (


Fenrir    1.024 B  (
Obelisk    997 M  (
Providence    1.039 B  (

Charon    968 M – (  currently in research and unavailable for production

ICSC ( has served over 40 customers, and we hope to expand on this number.  For those seeking reliable low cost alternative producers, come to the only shop ( you will need for your capital ship and module requirements. 

Our policies ( apply, please visit our website for further details.
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