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Title: Hard drive failure
Post by: Elissen on November 08, 2010, 09:59:22 pm
Last week I just started a lease on a new dedicated box and I was still busy preparing the transfer or all sites hosted on this server (the ICSC site is by far the most demanding site, the load of the others are neglectable) and yesterday the old server started to crash. I could still ping it, but no http nor could I log in with SSH.

So this afternoon it happened again and after a reboot I found some disturbing logs - hard drive failure. I started to move everything over to the new server right away, but to make things worse, with any disk activity it crashed again. I did manage to move everything over and it is up and running again. There is still some tweaking to be done, but that can wait until tomorrow. The API reader is also still trying to catch up with the changes.

And the new server has two disks in a mirror, let's hope they don't fail at the same time. Apologies for the disruption in service, not much I could do about it.

If you run into any problems please e-mail me at