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Title: Less jumps: introducing Jumpplanner v2.1
Post by: Elissen on October 28, 2007, 01:39:55 pm
Since we're less then a week away from the FanFest (, I figured it would be a nice time to put the new Jumpplanner ( online [:D]. So what´s new? Well, a few people complained that the Jumpplanner ( did not always give back the shortest route; sometimes you would use a tad more fuel, but every blue monday you even had more jumps. Well, no longer. With v2.1 the Jumpplanner ('s algorithm has been tweaked to shave off those last lightyears and safe you on your isotopes [8)].
The Rorqual has also been added as a seperate option for clarity.

So you might wonder what is up next? I am currently working on a supporting project, something that the Jumpplanner will also use. If you are a webmaster or 3rd party tool developer, keep your eyes open for an announcement. Or get a hold of me at the FanFest.
After that, it will be support for jumpbridges, cynojammer & cynogens. And of course what ever CCP adds in Revelations III comes probaly first!

If you are a Capital Pilot and do not know what the Jumpplanner is all about? Or if you are simply interested in the history of the Jumpplanner, read About the Jumptools ( or watch EVE TV report about the Jumpplanner ( (starts at 5:32).