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Crossing the universe


We are now firmly into the age of capital ships. On the outskirts of empire space and deep into 0.0, dreadnoughts can be seen in action. They are a very impressive sight and to be feared in the hands of a skilled pilot. Some of us even had a vision from the future, there are even bigger ships coming to us, Carriers and Titans.

The question however is not where to go, but how to go there. As we all know dreadnoughts can not use the stargates. They have to rely on the Jump Drive that can take them to a system in their range. But if you want to move around the universe you had to do a lot of planning. We already had the Jumprange tool to help you plan your route. This tool got upgraded with a map.

This is not the reason for this news item, we wish to present our brand new Jumpplanner tool. Just select your skill levels, where you are and where you want to go. You'll get a complete travelmap with where to jump and how much fuel to will need.

Are you about to buy a dreadnaught and wonder how to move it out of the delivery location? No problem.
Or you are very advanturous and wish to cross the universe, from OE-4HB (Tenal) to MVUO-F (Period Basis).
Or is your Jumpdrive Calibration skill high enough to pass a low security corridor though empire?

We wish you a devastating journey!


Interstellar Capital Systems Consortium

If you get the message "The route your trying to plan is taking too long to calculate." or "Previous search did not find a route" that probaly means it is impossible or not feasable to make that journey with your skills. For example, your planning a route from Maut (placid) to Pure Blind. When you get that message the system has given up on planning a route while it probaly was somewhere in fountain. Fountain? Yes, you need Jumpdrive Calibration 2 to jump from Cloud Ring to Pure Blind. So it tries to plan around civ space and that just takes too long and would put too much strain on the server. It might be possible, but do you want to make 50+ jumps to get there? Probaly not.

If you get the message "This route is not possible" that means it is *impossible*. You cannot jump out of Yulai with at least Jumpdrive Calibration 1.

If you have any questions ask here, send me a message or ask in person at the other side of that temporary wormhole that leads to Iceland in a couple of days.

Trak Cranker:
"They have the rely o" - have to, I presume.

"e that can take them to a sysem in their range" - t missing in system.

fixed  :-[

Trak Cranker:
... otherwise its cool :)

That tool has to be made by such a genious. Good work !!


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