Author Topic: Interstellar Capital System Consortium (ICSC) is open for business  (Read 19835 times)

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Greetings all,

Since the engineering breakthrough in Capital Ship construction, bringing us freighter and dreadnoughts a few weeks back, the universe has been waiting for the wave of supplies to rush over and fill the market’s needs. We are all now entering a new era in regards of conducting business and waging wars. It is upon us; either we follow or we fall, already can we see the ripple effects of these magnificent constructions.

With the dawn of the breakthrough many ventures rushed into acquiring the blueprints for capital ship construction components as well as the blueprints that will result in a complete ship, ready to use. So did also the ICSC.

The Interstellar Capital System Consortium (ICSC) is a joint venture between a number of corporations and independent businessmen (and women) with the goal of become the leading supplier of capital ships. Together, ICSC pool our resources; each and every member has the responsibility of meeting production demand and deadlines in a large logistic chain. The end result of that chain is the construction and completion of freighters and dreadnoughts. Internally there is much diversity when it comes to allegiances, political views and other backgrounds – differences in experience, tactics, production, knowledge, marketing, coordination, universal geography and logistics that only make us stronger as a group while providing a broader field of expertise. ICSC is a neutral entity and a producer of capital ships; therefore we will sell to anyone with the need or desire, plus the financial assets, to acquire a Capital Ship.

ICSC can produce the full range of Dreadnought classed ships. We are offering to build dreadnoughts at our customers’ chosen site and with the customers’ minerals.  The Gallente Dreadnaught “Moros” is our first, ready for any buyer to claim. The Naglfar and Revelation engineers are ready to begin construction, while the Phoenix scientists fine-tune their blueprint; within three weeks the Phoenix will finish its improvements and complete the full range of ICSC Dreadnaught options.

ICSC also constructs freighters in the Sing Laison region, with three Obelisk blueprints leading the way, complemented by the Charon and the Fenrir. This enables ICSC to produce over twelve freighters per month. The Providence blueprint is the last in line to be procured, at which point ICSC will have the internal capabilities to produce any known Capital Ship design.

As a service to our customers and colleagues, we have made publicly available to you the ICSC jump drive calculator; enter your current or any known solar system and it will display all available systems within jump range. (also works when you are in flight)

The only way to make the universe smaller is to make bigger ships that fill out the void.

We are open for business.
Weeks of programming can save you hours of planning.