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E-ON Issue #017 - Out Now
« on: October 28, 2009, 09:16:23 pm »

Published 16th October 2009 (delayed to incorporate exclusive content from Fanfest 09)

Content includes:
For console gamers DUST 514 promises to be the most unique shooter ever devised, but for those of us already fighting between planets what will it mean to have hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, fighting on the ground? A crack squad of E-ON special forces capture CCP to find out how the EVE FPS will fuse with EVE Online, plus we get the views of players to see if they are as excited about DUST 514 as they should be.

Officially, the early days of Amarrian expansion were a time of glory for New Eden's largest empire, while today the worlds within the factional warzones are seen as frontiers that will one day reward the brave pioneers that have tried to tame them. The problem with official versions of events past and present is that they are very often wrong, as evidenced by three new chronicles in this issue of E-ON, which show a very different side to life on the frontiers of New Eden.
Players have never been as rich as they are currently, yet the status of banks in the New Eden economy has never looked bleaker after a string of high-profile trust issues that have left the industry in tatters. Player economist and blogger LaVista Vista delves into the history of banking in EVE to see if it has a future and what it might look like.
  • News on Cosmos and Dominion from Fanfest 09
  • Testflight: Electronic Attack frigates
  • Profiles of Pandemic Legion, Dr Caymus and Jeran Tek
  • Interviews with CCP Molock and CCP Manifest
  • Win signed copies of The Burning Life
  • Full round-up of 0.0 activity in Quarterly Report
  • Guides to wormholes, modules and EVE: Conquests
  • Websites for new players
  • and all the latest news
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