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Orca: Pre Ordering


Master Craftsman:

ICSC is proud to announce that we will be carrying the Orca in our ever expanding capital sales line.  Be one of the first in EVE to own this ship!  Pre-Order your ship today!
The final price for this ship has not been set.  It will be set as soon as the first ship comes off the assembly line and will be subject to change at the discretion of ICSC.  Orders will be honored on a first come first serve basis.

Please send 100mil to Master Craftsman ingame as a deposit for your ship with a note that you would like an Orca.

If you want more information on what exactly this ship will do please follow the link below

Master Craftsman

Master Craftsman:
Please signup for your Orca's via the following link,2924.msg19086.html#new

The Orca will show up as soon as CCP releases a new data dump and it has been tested.


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