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Price of popularity – not everyone is as honest as ICSC
« on: February 04, 2006, 03:54:20 pm »
Since man first sighted the stars we dreamed of a life beyond them, it is in our nature to be explorers. Ever since the first battle classed ship came to life it brought dreams to one day see even bigger ships with more firepower rule the battlefield. Now the capital ships are real, the producers have reached yet another goal – before we find our new stars to gaze upon we can harvest the fruit that came with our dreams that have turned into reality. With each reached goal comes popularity and with that comes people who try to undermine and cheat their way to a piece of that cake.

Interstellar Capital Systems Consortium
News release

Price of popularity – not everyone is as honest as ICSC
We are not peaceful miners, we shoot to kill.

ICSC has for a few weeks been the target of scammers. Pod pilots with names such as ICSC Sales and ICSC Personel have come to life for a short period in order to fool potential customers. These pretenders spread lies that they are representatives of ICSC as they try to scam people on the ICSC capital ship deposit. We have in our open channel, ICSC, listed the representatives that are allowed to be recipients of deposits. If you are in discussion with another representatives of ICSC you should still only send the deposit to one listed in the channel. If you send an eve-mail we will confirm that we have received your deposit and can confirm the action. The representatives are: Jubeli, Shard, Garina and AlvynNevins.

For your own security - Do not send your deposit to anyone else!

All scammers are reported to the authorities under accusations of harassment and exploiting the system. We have received notification that appropiate actions will be taken against anyone who tries to impersonate ICSC officials.

ICSC will continue to work as always. We’ve passed on over 100 capital ships to customers already and our factories work day and night to fill pending orders. We knew that with the fame of being the biggest capital ship producer in New Eden these events would come. We will always remain neutral to all factions that have interest in procuring a capital ship. What does the future hold? More blueprints, more ships, bigger ships and most important – more satisfied customers that value honesty, decency and won’t go for less than a capital ship.

"Every day hundreds of pilots lose ships when traveling through the stargate network.."
-DED Officer

Warning: Use stargate at your own risk! The loss of your ship and pod can be imminent.

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