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Capital Ship Production, Carriers and Continued Expansion
« on: December 31, 2005, 12:34:30 am »
“Huge” is not enough; “Giant” does not do it justice; in truth, the word “Capital” does not adequately describe the effort or scale of logistical operations that is ICSC. For almost 6 months, ICSC has supplied Eve with dreadnoughts and freighters, Eve’s largest vessels, allowing corporations and pilots to enforce their will on those who oppose them, to set policy and lay claim to systems, and to provide the logistical and violent support needed to operate and maintain those claims. For 6 months, these capital ships have been our reality, and now they have grown into a “must have” for any group with serious intentions…

Interstellar Capital Systems Consortium
News release

(Iron) Ring around the Collar
The Dirt under the Glitter of Red Moon Rising: Capital Ship Production, Carriers and Continued Expansion

A new era for capital ship manufacturing has dawned…  across a bleak and rocky landscape….
·   Industrial upgrades of all factories 
·   Concord & DED legislation banning construction of Capital Class Combat ships in patrolled systems 
·   Unveiling new Carrier Class Command and Support ships
These changes have altered the face of capital production. Capital-class manufacturing and logistics are more complex, interesting and demanding than ever before.  Construction limitations have increased; simultaneously the market’s need for capital ships is growing.  Customers demand faster production, on site deliveries and alternative payment schemes including minerals and pre-built components. ICSC has taken several bold steps to maintain our position as the lead producer of Capital Ships in Eve.

ICSC has expanded its internal member base;  this more than doubles our previous production capacity of all capital ships under 5 Billion isk, allowing us to meet the market’s demands for shorter queues and more hulls.  Today, ICSC holds over 20 ship blueprints and close to 60 capital component blueprints. These efforts are designed to deliver “more ships faster”. With these new blueprints the total output for ICSC is over 50 capital ships per month; however our prices have remained low, and most orders can be filled quickly, except the most popular models.

Centralizing logistics and production, ICSC has taken steps to ensure constant production and 50% reduction in the queues for the most popular capital ships.  We have managed to hold a few freighters in stock for instant delivery.  ICSC is also working on production of the new fighter drones as well as building more equipment into stock to meet our customers’ demands.

For those curious about Carrier classed ships, ICSC currently holds two sets of each Carrier blueprint. We have secured enough workforce to start manufacturing as soon as software upgrades reach our factories, enabling the start of Carrier production. The queues have started to fill up on most types of carriers, the sooner a slot is booked the earlier will we be able to fulfill the order.

Our technical department has upgraded our online jump planner tool with data from the new jumpdrives for all ships not using stargates. The jump planner is still usable from the navigational interface while in flight, making it easier for you to plot your course while conquering space.

ICSC Divisional leaders are evaluating future production of motherships and titans.  This is not a question of “if”, but a question of “when”.  Any project of this magnitude will take a serious customer in order to finalize details.  If you are interested or seriously considering the need for one of these ships, feel free to discuss possible options and mutually beneficial arrangements, construction facilities and possible logistical solutions with our contacts.  This magnitude project will take commitment and serious pre-planning; early contact is advised.

Custom Capital Ships over 5 B isk are private discussions, and are held on a ship-by-ship basis.  Please use email, eve-mail or ingame chat to contact somebody for serious, private discussions on Custom Capital Ships.

Drop by our ingame channel (ICSC) for further assistance.

Warning: Stargates and their immediate vicinity can be hazardous to your health.  Don’t use them. ;)